Thursday, January 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday Series - American Given Names, V, W, X, Y + Z

Hello, readers!

This will be the very last American Given Names post! Thanks for sticking with me through this odd exploration of unusual names.

And of course, feel free to comment with your favorite name-related books!

Varina - depending on the origin, either "versatile", "integrity", or "foreign woman"

Wealthy - virtue name

Wrestling - virtue name

Zabdiel - "God endows"

Zadoc - "righteous"

Zebina - "bought" or "one who married foreign wives"

Zebulin - "exaltation"

Zedekiah - "God is just"

Zenas - "gift of Zeus"

Zillah - "shade"

Zoheth - "strong"

Zuriel - "God is my rock"

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