Thursday, January 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday Series - American Given Names, K, L, M + N

Hello, readers!

I'm returning to my series on George R. Stewart's American Given Names! Today is brought to you by quite a few letters - some of the most popular in current trends!

And again, I'm collecting name-related books, so let me know your favorites in the comments!

Katina - "pure"

Kerenhappuch - "horn of antimony"

Keturah - "fragrance"

Laban - "white"

Loammi - "not my people"

Ludmilla - "favor of the people"

Mahalah - "tender"

Mahershalalhashbaz - "quick to plunder and swift to spoil"

Mahlon - "sickly"

Malvina, Melvina - "smooth brow"

Manasseh - "causing to forget"

Mehetabel - "God rejoices"

Melanchthon - "black earth"

Mingo - unknown

Naphtali - "wrestling"

Noadiah - "meeting with God"

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