Thursday, January 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday Series - American Given Names, O, P + Q

Hello, readers!

It's Thursday again! Which means it's another American Given Names post :)

Also, I'm collecting name-related books, so please let me know your favorites! Baby name collections, books on the history of names, even books with cool names in them!

Onesimus - "beneficial"

Onesiphorus - "beneficial"

Oriana - "golden" or "dawn" (Thanks, DMNES, for Orienta!)

Ozias - "salvation"

Pelatiah - "God-delivers" or "refugee of God"

Peleg - "division"

Penuel - "face of God"

Perez - "burst forth"

Persis - "Persian woman"

Preserved - virtue name

Quash, Quashey - "born on Sunday"

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