Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Name News: 1/13/16

Zoo Names New Baby Penguin After David Bowie - Marie Lodi, Jezebel
The day after David Bowie's death was announced, this little penguin was named in his honor. I'm predicting that Bowie will skyrocket as a name this year, as many fans honor the glam rocker who performed his way into our hearts and minds.

Name of the Year 2015: Caitlyn Jenner - American Name Society
The word of the year may be "they", but the American Name Society has announced that its name for the year honors trans individual Caitlyn Jenner. Check out the other honorees: Star Wars was also influential, and a few hashtags have made the list, too!

Baby names since the 1900s: the endangered, the resurrected and the long gone - Inga Ting, Sydney Morning Herald
An interesting look at name trends in New South Wales! It's interesting that a lot of news reports will say a name is "endangered", when I see a lot of members of the name community who love pulling names from obscurity! Who knows, maybe in 50 years, John will be unique!

Sorry, Person Named Chanel, You Can’t Use Your First Name As An Instagram Handle - Laura Northrup, Consumerist
Who wins when corporations and individuals are vying for the same social media recognition? The billion-dollar corporation, of course :( I hope Chanel-the-person strikes back!

Google Your First Name and Glamour Shot: Best Funny Photos - Sam Prince, Heavy
This game is too fun! Love some of the 90's pics I came across with "Emily Glamour Shots"!

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