Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years' Day Names

Happy New Year, readers!

I hope 2016 is good to every one of you! I, for one, could use a new start and a new philosophy. Tell me your New Year's resolutions (name-related or not) in the comments!

Naveen - "new"
Disney's Princess and the Frog brought this name to our collective consciousness, but only 45 boys and 31 girls were named Naveen last year - if you're looking for uniqueness, here it is! Naveen is Hindi, and works well cross-culturally for any US baby. 

Neo - "new"
Another name made popular by movies, but this time it's the sci-fi classic The Matrix. It's slowly rising for boys, but it isn't nearly as trendy as Leo or Noah. I think Neo could also be a cool nickname for a New Year's baby, first names aside. It's origin is Latin. 

Nova - "new"
This celestial name is concise but holds great power - associating your baby with a bright star isn't a bad way to start off the year. Nova is also a retro name made cool again, and it's steep rise up the charts in recent years shows that it's not going anywhere. 

Zera - "seeds" or "beginnings"
A Z name I haven't seen before, Zera (pronounced ZEH-rah) is a cool, confident name that any little girl could pull off. I like it's closeness to Vera, but the visual connection to Zero might be problematic for some (or a positive!)

January - month name, from the Roman god Janus
I reviewed this name in my Winter Names a few weeks back, but it's too relevant to pass up for a New Year's post. Janus is the god of beginnings, so naming a child in his honor fits with the New Year's theme. Janan is also in this name family!

Harish - "lord of monkeys"
From a Hindi name that also refers to the god Vishnu, I thought including a monkey post for the Year of Monkey was pertinent. Harish has been used on and off since the 1970's, and its closeness to Harrison or Hamish will help it fit in. 

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