Friday, January 22, 2016

Baby Name Apps!

Hello, readers!

I recently downloaded 14 different free baby name and name generator apps (for iPhone). This post is a review of my top three!

I myself have toyed with the idea of creating an app, and of course I think Nameberry should create one based on their website!

"Finding a name for your baby can be as fun as making it" - cool slogan, but kind of a tall order. Ultimately, this app is like the Tinder of name apps - you and your partner make accounts, connect them, and start swiping left or right to favorite and reject names. When you both favorite the same name, you receive a match notification! Aesthetically, this app is super sleek, and I like that the name meanings are included with each name. However, there's not much functionality for researching or looking up names. 
This app is great if: you and your partner can't agree on a name. 


Baby Names
Search by popularity, origins, gender and more! This is probably my favorite app that I've tried, and tons of names are included. The interface is easy to use, and you can save names to a personal list. I also like their charts and graphs. The only drawback are the many advertisements on the screen - they can be a little distracting. But such is the case with free apps!
This app is great if: you want a lot of name information but can't get to a computer. 

Baby Names
Another great app to search by origins and letters, but less user-friendly and less information. I really do like the Random Names generator function - pick a gender, and you'll be given a totally random list! I found a few cool names I had never heard of. 
This app is great if: you want a few less ads in favor of random names. 

What are your favorite apps? Anything I'm missing? Tell me in the comments!

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