Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Names from How to Get Away with Murder

Hello, readers!

After binge-watching seasons one and two, I'm officially addicted to the Viola Davis mystery-drama How to Get Away with Murder. It's funny, smart, and jaw-dropping - but don't worry, I won't be posting any spoilers below!

I'll be looking at the names of the ten main characters (the actors are shown above). But since this drama is full of guest stars, these names aren't the only ones to watch out for!

Sidenote: Why isn't Viola more popular? It's gorgeous. 

Annalise Keating
Now firmly in the top 500, Annalise has been moving slowly up the popularity list since its debut in 1997. It's originally a combination of Anna and Elizabeth, two very popular names, but the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts - Annalise is sophisticated, elegant, and smart. 

Nate Lahey
While full names Nathan and Nathaniel are in the top 100, diminutive Nate isn't on the top 1000 at all. It's a fantastic nickname-name, like Jack or Liam, and not too far from the adorable Tate. Nate's lovely meaning is "gift from God". 

Wes Gibbins
Another nickname-name, Wes has become more visible recently thanks to various athletes and two major film directors, Wes Anderson and Wes Craven. It can be short for Wesley or Westcott (?) - this name on its own isn't quite as substantial as Nate. But it's positively posh!

Connor Walsh
This name has been in the top 100 since 1992, and I think it's long overdue for an update. Connor means "lover of hounds" - try Madden, Madigan, or Connelly for a similar meaning. If you like the sound, check out Casper, Collier, or Casimir

Michaela Pratt
The original spelling Michaela is now seen everywhere as Mikayla, McKayla, etc. The original spelling is more classic and honorific, but like Connor, its sound is a little overused. Alternatives include Mila, Magnolia, or Marisol

Asher Millstone
As a fan of Hebrew names, Asher has always been a crush - this is also the name of the main character's best friend in The Giver. It means "happy" and the sound is just as uplifting. Of course, both Asher and Ashton are in the top 200, so it's far from unique. 

Laurel Castillo
With Laura and Lauren finally declining, it might be time for a new Laur-name to take the spotlight. This names is also nature-related, with the laurel tree being associated with victory and success. Laurel is also almost nickname-less, for any purists out there!

Frank Delfino
This retro nickname-name is very cute, and might be on the rise with the popularity of Pope Francis. It's also likely to be somewhere in your family (statistically) if you're looking to honor your ancestry! Frank means "Frenchman", and is also a word name meaning "earnest". 

Bonnie Winterbottom
While "My Bonny Lies over the Ocean" is playing in my head, this name is far from associated to any one item. It means "pretty" and has a full, melodic sound. And there are plenty of Bonnie's, real and imagined, in history - take your pick of a namesake!

Rebecca Sutter
A Biblical name that has never left the top 200, Rebecca is classic and feminine. But there might be more unique options out there to differentiate your little one: Rebel, Revka, River, or Ruby, for example. Rebecca means "servant of God".

Tell me your favorite names in the comments! And are there any shows you're watching that merit a name review?


  1. Shonda Rhimes is a terrific namer! Personally, I love Frank's last name Delfino.

    1. True! And I'll bet Keating and Sutter aren't too far off from a lot of current popular names :)