Friday, January 29, 2016

Name News 1/29/16

What Is Your Old Person Name? - Scott O'Conner, Knowable
This fun quiz had me laughing for awhile - I got Myrtle! Which I actually do like very much... maybe they're onto something? But a male friend of mine got Gladys, so who knows.

These are the Most Popular First Names for Geniuses - Simon Brew, mental_floss
While I doubt the conclusion of this article - correlation does not imply causation - it is fun to speculate on how names shape and are shaped by intelligence and culture.

Hottest Baby Names 2016 - Pamela Redmond Satran, Nameberry
This article has been making the rounds on other news sites, too! It's really cool to see the methodology for the predictions - let's see if these predictions translate to birth certificates!

One Direction Singer Louis Tomlinson Reveals Baby's Name - Cassandra Vinograd, NBC News
Another celebrity baby name making waves - Freddie Reign. I like the US-UK combination of a nickname first name and a word middle. And cute pics!

Here are the best and worst celebrity baby names of 2015 - Alexandra Zaslow, Today
I certainly don't like the idea of names being ranked "best" and "worst", and BabyCenter only surveyed 1100 moms - way too few. It is interesting to see the classic names getting the most love!

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