Thursday, January 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday Series - American Given Names, R, S, T + U

Hello, readers!

Let's cut right to the chase, shall we?

And as always, this is my weekly call for name-related books! Let me know what you're reading.

Reliance - virtue name

Repentance - virtue name

Salma - "safe"

Scipio - "walking stick"

Shearjashub - "the remnant shall return" or "he that is before the king of Assyria shall take away the riches"

Starr - "star"

Thankful - virtue name

Theron - "hunter"

Tremble - virtue name

Troilus - "Trojan"

Urien - "of privileged birth"

Uzziah - "my power is God"


  1. I had reason today to pull out Ernest Weekley's The Romance of Names. Nothing like some early 20th C onomastic theory!