Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Alternatives - Boys

I was inspired to write this post by Nicole Aube's article for Berry Juice - Avoiding Names Your Teenager Will Hate. But instead of finding alternatives to unique but dated names, I thought I'd try the same treatment for the most popular. As an Emily, I'm all too familiar with the exasperation that comes with being called Emily C., when there's an Emily A., Emily B., etc. If you like the sound or meaning for names in the top ten, let's see if I can recommend some more exciting alternatives!

After each name below, I'll include similar-sounding and similar-meaning names.

Noah - "rest, comfort"
Rising since the late 1960's, Noah made its biggest jump in the 1990's - why so in-demand? The trendy ah-ending, the cool Biblical history, and The Notebook, of course!

Sound: Joah, Jonah, Noel, Noam, Naaman, Noach, Noaz, Nehemiah
Meaning: Rocco, Rahat, Rati, Kamaha, Jagur, Aza

Liam - diminutive of William, "resolute protection"
The Irish origin of Liam, as well as it's prevalence in Hollywood, have pushed it up to #2. We'll see if the UK lists continue to predict the US ones in years to come!

Sound: Levi, Lionel, Leon, Linus, Noam, Willem, Emilio, Eliam
Meaning: Anselm, Bruno, Edmund, Hammond, Raymond

Mason - "stone worker"
Occupational names are trending, and Mason is at the top of the list. The bell-tone sound and on-ending are bound to keep it at the top for awhile.

Sound: Marlon, Marlow, Jameson, Massai, Massimo, Max
Meaning: Dunstan, Axton, Eben, Rochester, Granger

Jacob - "supplanter"
This name may still be riding the Twilight coattails, but the unusual B-ending and Biblical heritage have kept Jacob's numbers high.

Sound: Jacoby, Caleb, Jericho, Corbin, Cobalt, Coby
Meaning: Diego, Giacomo, Hamish, Seamus, Thiago

William - "resolute protection"
Never far from the top 20, this classic is bound to stick around for a long time to come.

Sound: Willem, Willis, Wilbur, Wilson, Wilder, Waylon, Eliam
Meaning: Anselm, Bruno, Edmund, Hammond, Raymond

Ethan - "steadfast"
A personal favorite, Ethan's popularity has really surprised me - though the Mission Impossible connection might have something to do with it.

Sound: Eden, Edmund, Nathaniel, Easton, Elton, Elias
Meaning: Constantine, Abelard, Faisal, Ernest, Hamza

Michael - "he who is like God"
Michael hasn't left the top 10 since 1943. It's acceptance as a classic will keep it in use, but I think there are some names out there with more personality.

Sound: Mitchell, Micah, Mikkel, Myron, Malachi, McKinley
Meaning: Micajah, Osgood, Oswald, Osric, Deva

Alexander - "defending men"
Names including "Alex" have dominated the 1990's and 2000's - is it the x-factor, the warrior history, or the countless namesakes that keep it going?

Sound: Lysander, Alistair, Alessandro, Alexei, Leander, Anders
Meaning: Thurman, Titan, Narendra, Amyntas, Vahagn

James - "supplanter"
The English variation of Jacob, but more firmly in the top 20, James is classic. Its popularity has also extended it to the female side, as well as prompted some newer nicknames.

Sound: Jameson, Jem, Jesse, Jonas, Miles, Ramses, Massey
Meaning: Diego, Giacomo, Hamish, Seamus, Thiago

Daniel - "God is my judge"
Another classic, it seems that every other boy I knew growing up was named Daniel - I was born in 1992. I think it's time to find some alternatives, and let this name become a more unique choice.

Sound: Dalton, Dale, Dashiell, Dorian, Nathaniel, Dennis, Duncan
Meaning: Nilo, Eliphalet, Joaquin, Ramiro, Abidan

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