Thursday, October 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday: First Female Physicians

If you're looking for names that honor strong, pioneering women in history, check out this list! It's obviously incomplete, being that only 35 out of 197 countries are listed. I'd appreciate hearing about any I missed in the comments!

Argentina: Cecilia Grierson (1889)
Australia: Emma Constance Stone (1887)
Austria: Gabriele Possanner (1897)
Belgium: Isala Van Diest (1879)
Bolivia: Amelia Villa (1926)
Brazil: Marie Durocher (1834)
Canada: Emily Howard Stowe (graduated from American medical school 1867—Canadian license granted 1880)
Jenny Trout (first Canadian license granted to a woman 1875)
Chile: Eloísa Díaz (1886)
Cuba: Laura Martinez de Carvajal (1889)
Czech Republic: Anna Honzáková (1902)
Denmark: Nielsine Nielsen (1885)
Finland: Rosina Heikel (1878)
France: Madeleine Brès (1875)
Germany: Dorothea Erxleben (1754)
Hungary: Vilma Hugonnai (1879)
Italy: Dorotea Bucca (pre-1390)
Japan: Ogino Ginko (1882)
Korea: Seo Jang-geum (16th century)
Mexico: María Cristina García–Sancho y Álvarez–Tostado (1951) - First Female Neurosurgeon in Latin America 
Netherlands: Aletta Jacobs (1878)
New Zealand: Emily Siedeberg (1896)
Norway: Marie Spångberg Holth (1893)
Peru: Laura Esther Rodriguez Dulanto (1899)
Poland: Anna Tomaszewicz-Dobrska (1877)
Romania: Maria Cuțarida-Crătunescu (1884)
Russia: Varvara Rudneva (1876)
Singapore: Lee Choo Neo (1919)
South Africa: Jane Elizabeth Waterston
Spain: Dolors Aleu Riera (1882)
Sweden: Karolina Widerström (1888)
Turkey: Safiye Ali (1916)
United States: Elizabeth Blackwell (1849)
United States: Clara Raquel Epstein (1996) - First Mexican-American Woman US trained and US board certified in Neurological Surgery and the first woman Neurosurgeon and youngest recipient of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in Neurosurgery
Uruguay: Paulina Luisi (1908)
Venezuela: Lya Imber (1936)

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