Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gemstone Names - Part Two

Hello, all!

This is a continuation of yesterday's Gemstone Names - Part One post. Feel free to tell me in the comments if I missed a favorite rock* of yours!

*(thanks, Hank!)

This name dropped off the list in 1944, but I think a comeback is in order. The stone is associated with regeneration and stability, and it's the birthstone for January. The name comes from its color connection to the pomegranate fruit. Those of you looking for a class name that will age well and doesn't need a nickname, Garnet might be for you!

This strong single-syllable metal isn't a bad choice for a middle name of any gender. Gold symbolizes perfection and eternity, and it's associated with many positive ideas - "golden child", "pot of gold", etc. It connects to names such as Gilda, Gilderoy, or Goldman. I would be wary of using it first, but it might make a full name glitter.

I hadn't heard of Iolite before my research into these posts, but I fell in love with the sound of this name! It connects to Ione, Iolanthe, or Io - not a bad nickname at that! The stone is associated with imagination and exploration, and the color ranges from blue to indigo to purple. A definitely unique possibility!

One of the most popular gemstone/mineral names, Jade is firmly in the top 200, with siblings Jada, Jayla, and Jayden not far off. The stone is associated with healing and peace, and can be found all over the world. It's a great choice if you're looking for something well-established but very cool.

This classic British-style name has been trending upwards in recent years, a fresh antidote to the Jason/Justin frenzy. The stone is associated with nurturing and healing, and the meaning translates to "bringer of treasure". Jasper is definitely one of my favorites on the gemstone list!

Sib-name Malachi skyrocketed into the top 200 over a ten year span, so why not look for similar but unique options? This gemstone is associated with nature and amplification of energy. I thought there was also a Biblical connection, but I'm having trouble finding it in my research...

The stone of strength and discipline, many associate this name with a more masculine energy - I think it could work for any strong kid, though. Onyx is edgy, hip and mysterious, and doesn't sound like any other name out there.

This multicolored gem is associated with hope, inspiration and achievement - quite the trifecta! It's one of the birthstones for October, and comes in all shapes and sizes. Opal is cute and vintage, like Maude or Dorothy, and could definitely return to the charts soon!

One more bejeweled installment arrives tomorrow!

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  1. Garnet is my favourite :)
    And even though it doesn't need a nickname, I love the idea of Nettie for a girl. (and maybe Grant for a boy?)
    Also love Opal, and Coral from the first list ^^