Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gemstone Names - Part Three

All right, let's finish up this three-day look at gemstone names!

Gemstone Names - Part One
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Before I continue with specific minerals, there's all kinds of general options out there I wanted to briefly touch on: Jewel (with the singer associations), Rocky (a nickname name with cartoon namesakes), Rock (as in actor Hudson), Stone (solemn but has a great sound), and Pebbles (as in The Flintstones). Classic Peter means "rock" too!

Pearl was in the top 20's and 30's of the top 1000 during the from the early days of the list, from 1880 through the 1920's. It dropped off the list entirely and started to make a comeback in 2010 - and for good reason! The sound is unique, the stone is beautiful, and it fits in with the retro trends. Pearl is one of the June birthstones (wouldn't Pearl and Alexandrite be a cool twin set?) and the gem is associated with integrity and faith.

This beautiful green gem was introduced to me by the show Steven Universe, and in my research I've found it's the August birthstone. As a name, I think it could be a really cool, unique choice. Peridot is associated with compassion and renewal, and its color is refreshing and natural! The T-ending is trending for boys - on the girls side, I think it matures the name well. And Perri would be an adorable nickname!

My parents considered Ruby when choosing a name for me, and because I was born in July it ended up being my birthstone. So get ready for a whole lot of Ruby appreciation!
The name is at #90 in the US, but in most other English-speaking countries it's ranked much higher. The highest Ruby has ever ranked in the USA was at #22 in 1911. It's associated with nobility, energy, and leadership - it's been high in demand throughout history. Songs "Ruby Tuesday"and "Ruby Baby" have kept it on the radio, and it's the name of many famous pop culture characters. Ruby sounds like a nickname, but stands well on its own. Hooray for Ruby!

Like Diamond or Emerald, this is a very luxurious and sparkly name. It does share a sound connection to popular Sophia, and I think a foreign translation would fare better as a name in the US - Saffira or Sapphira, anyone? It's associated with creativity and hope, and is the September birthstone.

This name is the epitome of cool - the shining color and association with weapons and wealth is perfect for any badass kid. Silver is associated with the moon and determination. Closeness to Sylvan and Sylvia helps its accessibility, as does the trendy -er ending. It will definitely be a unique choice!

Gorgeous and mysterious, Topaz is a beautiful no-nickname option. The stone is associated with balance and calmness, and it's the birthstone for November. The reddish-gold color is perfect for an autumn baby, and the uniqueness of Topaz is unparalleled. The Z-ending is edgy too - an all-around hit!

A cool Z-name that fits in with Zachary, Zayden, or Zane, Zircon is one of the birthstones for December. It is associated with spiritual grounding and healing. Zircon has never been in the top 1000, but it's sound and form make for a cool choice!

Phew! That's it for a rocky week!

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