Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Costume Names, Part Two

Let's continue with Day 2 of costume names!

Check out Part 1 here.

Tell me in the comments what costumes you're planning. My boyfriend and I will be going as Cosmo and Wanda from the Fairly Oddparents this year!

"Devil" - Teivel, Diablo, Velna, Deuce

"Terrible" - Ugra, Uther, Bhima

"Sharp" - Shamir, Berach, Jasna, Min, Asika, Acucio

"Red" - Ruby, Rowan, Garnet, Edom, Flannery, Rufus, Shani

Famous devils and demons - Damien, Lucifer, Mephistopheles

"Magic" - Taika, Jinx

"Purple" - Lavender, Violet, Ianthe, Porfirio, Amethyst

Witch names - Grimhild, Armida, Sabrina, Kiki, Wanda, Hermione, Ginevra, Glinda, Tarba, Cassandra, Circe, Morgan, Jenny, Hecate, Moll, Alice, Agnes, Entjen, Märet, Minnie, Elphaba, Jadis, Bellatrix, Melisandre, Medea, Ursula, Wendy

"Hero/Heroine" - Bertille, Conlan, Finley, Sweeney, Valda, Vero

"Super" - Aristotle, Naren, Adi, Prasert

"Savior" - Messiah, Salvador, Björg

"Strong" - André, Brian, Ethan, Evander, Melisande, Valencia

Famous heroes/heroines - Natasha, Selina, Clark, Bruce, Peter, Tony 

Horse-related names - Phillip, Destry, Baylor, Xanthippe, Ahearne, Eachna, Eowyn, Marshall, Rider, Chevy

"Free" - Amadi, Charles, Fanya, Franklin, Kermit, Liberato

"Country" - Fielder, Paine, Gladys

Famous cowboys and cowgirls - Annie, Jane, John, Bill, Jack, Frank

"Reborn" - Renata, René, Anastasia, Tassia

"Alive" - Vito, Viva, Aisha, Idir, Tural, Živa

"Large" - Grant, Brady, Titania

Names from characters/actors in the original Frankenstein - Henry, Elizabeth, Victor, Colin, Mae, Boris, Edward, Frederick, Dwight, Fritz, Lionel

I'll see you tomorrow to continue the celebration!

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