Thursday, December 17, 2015

Throwback Thursday Series - American Given Names, E, F + G

Hello, readers!

The American Given Names series continues! Since my own first initial is represented today, I'll share a quote from the book about Emily:

          "... the use of Emily primarily sprang from literary sources (Boccaccio, Chaucer)... It is also highly euphonic, and thus is suitable for poetry..."

Not a bad description! I'm using "euphonic" as a self-descriptor from now on ;)

Eleazar - "God is help"

Eliab - "God is father"

Eliakim - "God establishes"

Elihu - "Jehovah is God"

Eliphalet - "God helps to escape"

Elkanah - "God possesses"

Elma - diminutive of various names

Elnathan - "God-given"

Ermentrude - "whole strength"

Ethelbert - "noble-bright"

Evadne - "pleasing one"

Experience - virtue name

Fear - virtue name, from "fear of God"

Gad - "fortune"

Gamaliel - "recompense is God"

Gerda - "stronghold"

Gershom - "stranger"

A few of these sound like modern mash-up names - Elnathan? Eliab? Evadne? But their history gives them more credibility and strength.


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  2. My name is also Emily, so I'm glad to know that it sounds euphonic! I think it's interesting how a lot of these names are formed, especially biblical names. And I wonder if people have names like Fear and Experience. I really like your blog! It's great that someone thought about blogging names.