Friday, December 4, 2015

Name News: 12/4/15

The Truth About Charlie - Mallory Ortberg, Dear Prudence
New Prudie starts off the column with a name question, hooray! How would you handle rude (and nosy) people who shame your favorite name?

Jolie fratrie : Victoria, Tancrède, Raoul et Honor - Mélissa, Jolis Prénoms
A favorite blog of mine, Jolis Prénoms focuses on great Francophone sibsets! I've found a lot of names I'd never heard of, including Tancrède, Aglaé, and Maëlys.

How many US people are named Isis? - Parker Higgins,
My favorite subject - name statistics! Parker estimates that there are over 10,000 people named Isis in the US today. Do you know any?

Nutella refuses to print personalised jar for girl named Isis - Nicholas Reilly, Metro
Another Isis article! I agree with her mother, the terrorist group should be referred to as Daesh - leave the English acronym aside.

Charlotte, Oliver are top baby names for 2015 - Sentinel & Enterprise
I'm skeptical, since this isn't backed up by hard data yet (wait until next spring when the SSA releases the actual list). But it's interesting to see how much UK trends are influencing US choices!

5 of the Hottest Baby-Naming Trends of 2015 - Arika Okrent, mental_floss
This article was linked from BabyCenter's Hottest baby name trends of 2015, but provides a good summary of some names on the upswing. I'm a fan of Lux and Helena!

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan welcome new daughter - Heather Kelly, CNN Money
Welcome to the world, Maxima Chan Zuckerberg! Nickname Max for a little girl is too cute, but Maxima is already the name of a car and a software system. Edgy or corporate? You tell me!


  1. The first associated I make with the name Maxima is the queen of the Netherlands.

  2. Oh so happy to be cited here!! Thank you for mentioning my blog on your website! :) Melissa (Jolis Prénoms)