Thursday, December 10, 2015

Throwback Thursday Series - American Given Names, B, C + D

Hello, readers!

This is a continuation of study into George R. Stewart's American Given Names book - check out last week's post on the letter A for more: American Given Names, A

Barachiah - "blessed of God"

Barzillai - "strong"

Bathshua - "daughter of prosperity"

Benoni - "son of my sorrow"

Bethia - "daughter of God"

Bezaleel - "God is my protection"

Bezer - meaning unknown

Cadmus - "easterner"

Cato - "wise"

Cephas - "rock"

Cof/Cuff - "born on Friday"

Corinna - "maiden"

Datus - "given"

Deliverance - virtue name

Drusilla - "fruitful"

Dugald/Dougal - "dark stranger"

Dulcie - "sweet"

Tune in next week for more names!

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