Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Eco-Friendly Names

Hello, fellow citizens of Earth!

On this day in 1975, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began operations, with the mission to "protect human health and the environment". So, in honor of this excellent goal, I present to you some green name options!

I'll mostly be looking at meanings, but there are some great names directly from nature talked about in other name posts: Gemstone Names, Bird Names, and Literary Names: The Secret Garden

Let's begin!

Meaning: Green

Female: Beryl, Chloe, Viridis, Zelenka, Midori

Male: Oran, Verdi, Irving, Vardon

Meaning: Ocean, sea

Female: Maris, Cordelia, Marina, Morgan, Thalassa, Derya, Naia, Océane

Male: Dylan, Murphy, Zale, Kai, Arnav

Meaning: Forest, woods

Female: Sylvia, Roscoe, Vilja, Glade

Male: Sylvan, Sylvester, Bradshaw, Forrest, Calhoun, Selwyn, Woodrow

Meaning: Grassland, meadow

Female: Savannah, Abilene, Ainsley, Waverly, Lea, Leighton, Prideaux

Male: Benton, Bentley, Leigh, Henley, Rylan, Raleigh, Stanley

Meaning: Air, wind

Female: Alizeh, Sefarina, Anemone, Zephyrine, Era, Aria, Ilma, Eteri

Male: Guthrie, Zephyr, Rabi, Wyndham, Bayu, Samir

Meaning: Desert, sand

Female: Sahara, Randa, Ramlah, Havilah

Meaning: Tree

Female: Daphne, Hadassah, Kezia, Laurel, Juniper, Olive, Tamar

Male: Arlo, Cedar, Ewan, Oakley, Darragh

Tell me your favorite nature names in the comments!

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