Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Name News - 9/30/15

Why Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling chose their 'Disney' baby name - Jessica Gibb, Made For Mums
Would you choose a name based on an animated film? With the rise of Pixar and Disney over the last few decades, this trend might become more established.

The Hipster Baby Name Generator Perfectly Curates a Name for Your Kid - Annie Black, Design
As a name nerd, this made me giggle. What's wrong with Hattie Prudence Lotus?! It only goes to show that creativity is the cool new trend - and I'm fine with that!

22 Outlawed Baby Names From Around the World - Michele Debczak, mental_floss
The US is fairly lax with name rules, for better or for worse. Check out some of the outlawed names, including @ and Linda.

Spring Baby Names: 24 Unique Monikers Inspired By The Season - Isabelle Khoo, Huffington Post
Though we're still only just beginning autumn, these names might be nice to keep in mind if you're expecting a spring baby! (Or just love happy nature names)

Are Women More Likely to Use Just Their First Names When They Introduce Themselves? - Alice Robb, Elle
When meeting a new person, at work or with friends, do you use both names or just your first?

Fewer Women Run Big Companies Than Men Named John - Justin Wolfers, New York Times
Not a new article, but one I find myself referring back to often. Just a reminder that name statistics can tell you a lot about the world you live in.

What happened to kids addressing adults by their last names? - Danielle Larkins, Washington Post
A few articles about this phenomenon have come out in recent news, what's your opinion? Is respect only shown by address, or by behavior?

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