Friday, September 18, 2015

Name News - 9/18/15

Some recent name articles from around the web!

'Growing Up With My Name' Hashtag Reveals Subtle and Surprising Racism - Julie Zeilinger, Mic
Names can influence a lot about a person's opportunities, especially when they're read as "non-white" or another sort of "other"...

Why Do So Many Girls' Names End in "A"? - Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic
Musings on the Latin roots of today's most popular names for baby girls - linguists, this is your time to shine!

Why 'Denali?' Explaining Mount McKinley's New (Old) Name - Elizabeth Palermo, Live Science
Super informative article on the history of the mountain's name and what it means for the US to officially embrace native Alaskan culture. Both Denali and McKinley are trending upward in both boys and girls' names, too!

The Unexpected Advantage of Giving Your Child a Unique Name - Randee Dawn, Today
(Warning: autoplay video) Recent studies show a correlation between unique baby names and creativity levels in kids - excellent piece to show any family members who raise their eyebrows at little Epic!

This Pig (Name) Won't Fly - Laura Wattenberg, Baby Name Wizard
A new Muppet Show is premiering soon, and the name of Miss Piggy's new rival is... Denise???

The Least Popular American Baby Names According to Early Records - Arika Okrent, Mental_Floss
Not exactly a recent article - it was originally published in 2013 - but a great selection of unusual names with historic precedent (though I can't picture Okey coming back...)

Cincinnati Zoo Announces Name of Newest Baby Gorilla - WLWT Cincinnati
A cute backstory and a pretty sound, let's give it up for new baby Elle!

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