Tuesday, September 8, 2015

All You Need Are Beatles Names, Part One

As a Beatles fan, I am only too aware of the four-name recitation "John, Paul, George, Ringo". While they aren't all immediately recognized by their first names (Ringo excluded), these four men are instantly known when put together.

With over 200 original songs and over 300 recorded songs, they managed to slip in a few names over the band's career. For this post series, I'll be focusing on only their original compositions and only songs with names in the title. Perhaps a name homage to the greatest band ever can be found in their lyrics?

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Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor has always been a favorite name, and this is one of my favorite Beatles tunes! While the namesake in the song comes to an untimely end, there are a few real-life Eleanor's that were much stronger - Eleanor Roosevelt and Eleanor of Aquitaine, for example. It also allows for two cute (albeit popular nicknames) - Ellie and Nora. The only drawback is that the meaning isn't great - it translates to "the other Aenor", which isn't exactly inspirational.

Lovely Rita
A diminutive of Margarita, which means "pearl", Rita is an excellent cross-cultural choice - it's found in dozens of languages. Rita sank from its height of #42 in 1930 all the way to #919 in 2002 before dropping off the list. But with other 1930s names getting popular - Frances, EvelynRuby - perhaps it's time for a comeback?

Sexy Sadie
Sadie has jumped over the past few years into the top 50. It's got a great sound and a great meaning - "princess" - that any little girl would love. The only drawback is probably its popularity; I for one can see this name continuing to rise up the charts. But don't let the song fool you - Sadie isn't just "sexy", it's also sweet and spunky.

Another name that's been rising up the charts, Julia's enduring popularity might mean that it's time for a break. But since it has a feminine sound and pretty meaning - "youthful" - why not try other related names? Juliet is more romantic; Juliette is more romantic and French; Julianne is elegant; Juliana/Giuliana is flowery and exotic; July is unique. And then there are the male versions - Julius, Julian, Jules and Julio, to name a few.

Dear Prudence
I'm rather conflicted on Prudence - I love the song and the strong meaning, but the sound is a little crotchety. It doesn't lend itself to nickname either - Pru sounds too much like "prune" to me! I would focus more on other, more modern, virtue names - Amity, Honor, Prosper, Felicity, Serenity.

What are your favorite Beatles-related names? Be on the lookout for two more posts in the near future!

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