Wednesday, September 16, 2015

All You Need Are Beatles Names, Part Two

Happy Wednesday, readers!

This post is a continuation of my last Beatles post, and there'll be another one before I'm through!

In more Beatles trivia, here's a list of what the Fab Four named their own children: John - Julian and Sean; Paul - Stella, Heather, Beatrice, Mary, and James; George - Dhani; and Ringo - Zak, Lee and Jason.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Lucy has jumped in the past ten years to the top 100, currently charting at #62. And why not? It's sweet, feminine and works for any age. I would suggest making it a nickname, though, and picking a longer name to provide options for little Lucy later on: Lucienne, Lucia and Lucetta are all viable. Also, bear in mind that the song reference might prompt some giggles!

Martha My Dear
Even a few months ago, I would have recommended against Martha - the age factor is clear. But now, with Harvey, Alice and Dorothy in the spotlight, Martha may be more usable than I thought. Martha means "lady" in Aramaic, has a reference in the Bible, and has quite a few namesakes - modern choreographer Martha Graham for one. I'd give it more than a glance!

One of my personal favorite Beatles' songs, since many of the lyrics are in French. And it would be so cute to call a daughter "Michelle, my belle". But its extreme popularity with women born in the 1960s and 1970s makes it a little hard to imagine on a child. Variations on Michaela are the norm today, and I'd look at Micheline or Misha.

Penny Lane
While the song isn't about a woman, but a street, Penny might be a cute nickname for a Penelope or could stand on its own. Keep in mind, Penny dropped off the list in 1987 and recently return in 2013, with a steep rise. It could be the next Lily! I'd also check out similar sounding names like Penna, Penn, or Penrose.

Polythene Pam
Pam, and long form Pamela, ruled the US from the 1940s to the 1980s. It means "all honey", and has the nice three-syllable-ends-in-a sound that so many popular girls' names have. But I think it's been done, and will be dated for at least a while longer. Mela is a great alternate nickname.

What's the New Mary Jane?
Mary Jane has quite a few connotations, and until the main one is legalized, I'd stay away.

Any of these jump out at you?

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