Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Name of Thrones: United Kingdom

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To continue my Name of Thrones series - check out Belgium and the Netherlands - we'll be focusing on one of the most recognized royal families in the world, the British House of Windsor. 

They're certainly a family of name trendsetters, and George and Charlotte are just the tip of the iceberg!

George Alexander Louis - Prince of Cambridge
After almost 100 years in the top 50, George was slipping down the list in the US until the birth of the prince turned that trend around - now it's climbing again! It's currently at #134 in the US and #7 in the UK. It means "farmer", and - oddly for the UK - doesn't have many ready nicknames. But if you're looking for something classic and timeless, George does the trick!

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - Princess of Cambridge
I was over the top excited when I heard the name announcement - such a beautiful, feminine, royal name. And they used Diana!! Charlotte was already climbing in the US when the princess was born, but I think the added popularity could push it further up the top ten. 

Beatrice Elizabeth Mary - Princess of York
The first of an excellent sibset pair, Beatrice was chosen as a family name - the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria was also a Beatrice. It had a small spike the year she was born, 1988, but has really come back into fashion starting in 2006, with the retro-name trend. Beatrice means "she who brings happiness", and has a lot of nickname options! 

Eugenie Victoria Helena - Princess of York
The second of the sibset pair, Eugenie was another Windsor family name that hasn't achieved quite the popularity. Eugenie isn't on either the UK or the US list, so it could make a nice unique name. In France, however, Eugénie is at #286!

Savannah Anne Kathleen
Following an 80's movie, Savannah Smiles, the name started rising through the 90's as an alternative to Samantha - and ultimately become the name of the first great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II. Savannah has now been in the Top 50 since 1996, with no plans of moving. On a weird personal note, I became aware of this name through Jimmy Buffett's daughter - one of the first names that surprised me!

Isla Elizabeth
Isla was on the US lists briefly in the early 1900's, but it's popularity in the UK in recent years has made the name all the more popular today! Pronounced "EYE-lah", it means "island" - a great counterpoint to sister Savannah's name, meaning "grassland". 

Zara Anne Elizabeth
My favorite alternative to beautiful classic Sarah, Zara's only drawback is its connection to the clothing chain. It means "princess", appropriately. Zara Phillips Tindall is also an accomplished equestrian, competing in the 2012 Olympics. She named her own daughter Mia (pronounced MY-ah) Grace

Elizabeth is the middle name that wins the day - honoring her majesty, Grandmother Windsor.  

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