Monday, November 2, 2015

Name News - 11/2/15

17 French Baby Names That Are Prime for an American Takeover - PureWow
My favorites among these include Aveline, Kais, Coralie and Leandre. What do you think?

Geeky Baby Names That Won't Scar Your Kid for Life - Chandra Steele, PC Magazine
While I'm not used to seeing name articles in PC Magazine, the author knows her audience! As a geek, I love seeing the ways other geeks pull off nerdy references in their kids' names - I myself have a friend named Luke, after Skywalker!

Baby names: Should it matter if they indicate your race? - Katherine Reynolds Lewis, Washington Post
The title may not be the best, but this article brings up an excellent question - how do you handle a heritage name in a world that discourages certain heritages? Why is Isabella allowed, but not Jamal?

Découvrez les prénoms les plus populaires dans votre département - BFMTV
This is a really cool interactive map showing the most popular baby names in France by region - my favorites include Anaïs, Sacha, and Maëlys.

Millennial moms making their last name a child's first name - Alison Bowen, Chicago Tribune
With multiples last names rising in families, why not avoid the hyphenated route and give your child a name that represents both parents? Last names become first names are a trend - should it matter if your child has a first name that's already in the immediate family?

We're giving our dogs and babies the same names - Ellen Scott, Metro
There are a lot of crossovers in the top names for dogs, cats and babies. Is this good news for pets, or bad news for kids?

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