Monday, November 16, 2015

Name News: 11/16/15

The most popular girls' names in Tudor England -
The few years of recorded name statistics before Mary was number one?! Of course, Elizabeth tops the charts, and is still popular today.

Popular Names That Basically Didn’t Exist Before 2000 - Natalie Morin, MooseRoots
This isn't a new article, but I just found it. Name statistics for the win! My favorites are Arabella, Maddox, and Vivienne.

These 20 names get the most right-swipes - Molly Mulshine, Tech Insider
Could your first name influence your popularity on dating apps? Yes, according to this data! Weirdly enough, my name "matches" with Jeff, though I don't personally know too many...

Which names could be popular in 2016? - Lucy BC, Baby Centre UK
This website has released its predictions for UK baby names of next year - on the girls' side, I like Effie, Wren and Astrid; on the boys' side, I like Otto.

Sofia Rises: Baby Name Takes Over the World - Stephanie Pappas, Live Science
It's currently number one in nine countries and number two or three in twenty others - why is Sophia sweeping the globe?

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