Monday, May 28, 2018

So I've been hanging out in cemeteries...

Hello, readers!

Name inspiration can often be found in odd places - overhearing a conversation at a cafe, noticing an unusual name on a sign-in sheet, or even peeking at local cemeteries! Alright, so the latter activity isn't quite as common, but local cemeteries can offer a host of information about your community's history.

A local cemetery in need of care (and visitors)

I'm from the central coast of California, and I've noticed some patterns in these final resting places: many families emigrated to our area from Mexico, France, Ireland, the Philippines, and Portugal. Granted, I've been wandering through mostly Catholic cemeteries, which in itself adds another dimension to the names on headstones. Overall, it's been a unique way to learn more about my town's humble origins as well as providing new name inspiration!

Crosses at a Catholic mission cemetery

Here are some of the best names I've found

Albina - It comes from Albus, meaning "bright" or "white," and Albina is also the name of a third-century saint.

Amby - Possibly a surname, or a nickname for Ambrose.

Delfina - It means "of Delphi," and was also used by an early Christian nun.

Gracia - While Grace has long been an Anglophone classic, this Latin variant adds a little extra attitude and sophistication.

Laurianno - I haven't found out too much about this name, but I'm guessing that it's a park of the Lauren family - Lawrence, Laura, etc.

Luiza - I'm looking to honor my Portuguese heritage as well as use a form of Louis in a future child's name, making Luiza particularly attractive to me.

Maximina - A lovely, feminine option for fans of the nickname Max for girls.

Pagerio - A surname-name with little information online...

Petra - I've always wondered why Petra doesn't get more attention in the US - it's so pretty and refined.

Procopio - Derived from a Greek word meaning "progress," this was my favorite find. It's also an uncommon saint's name option.

Saloma - A variation of Salome, this sweet name is also reminiscent of Paloma.

Ymilia - Having never come across this version of my name, I do like an unexpected first initial.

Have you ever found name inspiration in an unexpected place? Do you also like hanging out in cemeteries? Tell me in the comments!

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