Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lucky Names

Hello, readers :)

It's March 17th, which means it's Saint Patrick's Day! Here in the US, this holiday is often used as an excuse to paint everything green and drink a ton of beer - but that's not what this post is about. (For color names or alcohol names, I have other posts). Today, I'll be looking at lucky names!

While there aren't any names I'm aware of that bring luck - unless anyone has a great story they want to share in the comments! - here are some choices that embody that sense of excitement and positive feeling.

Image via Pixabay

My first association with this name is as a pet name - much to my surprise, the name has been used for human baby boys most often in the past two decades! Perhaps its aural similarities to Luke, and the rise in new virtue names like Destiny and Journey, have helped Lucky gain attention.

This adorable botanical name deserves more love than it gets - Clover is sweet and natural without feeling dusty or frilly. With Chloe and Clara topping the charts, it's also a great alternative to more popular names, too - Clover is outside the top 1000.

The Beckhams made waves when they named their daughter Harper Seven, after father David's jersey number. But Seven seems to fit right in with modern bell-tone choices, as well as similar-sounding names like Evan or Kevin. I'm guessing Seven will be the name to watch!

This name is quirky and charm-ing as heck, but lacks the X-factor that turns nouns into names, I think. It's been used sporadically for girls since 1937, with the most usage over the past five years. Individuality above all, I suppose!

Bright and shiny Penny has a lot going for it - its retro sound, simplicity, and femininity lend it modern credibility. Long form Penelope is an option, but short and dynamic Penny stands well on its own. And with Lane as a unisex name, we may be seeing more Beatles homages on birth certificates...

Latin in origin, Fortune was used more often as a name in ancient Rome. Today, it blends well with virtue names like Patience or Faith, but also jumps out as an unconventional pick. I'm joining the other name writers who recommend Fortune as a middle name, probably because of its uniqueness, and the lack of ready nicknames.

It briefly joined the top 200 in the 1990's, but that blip made Chance a well-established choice for later generations. Chance is friendly and energetic, but possibly a little too light (or maybe this is just another dog-name association for me).

I would never have guessed that this country name would get so popular, but then again about 10% of Americans identify as at least partly Irish (I'm one of them!) Ireland is of course noted as a celebrity baby name, but now that that baby (Ireland Basinger Baldwin) is 22, I think Ireland is officially on the table for everyone else.

Other names meaning "luck" or "fortune":
Dalia, Felix, Felicity, Gad, Bonaventure, Otto

Any I missed? Tell me in the comments!