Monday, February 20, 2017

Vintage Boy's Names Ending in A

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Names that end in A have long been popular for girls, but it certainly seems like the boys are making an effort to catch up! Choices such as Luca, Joshua, and Ezra manage to balance traditional styles with modern sounds. But which choices err on the side of classic rather than trendy?

Here are some names used as far back as the nineteenth century that maintain a masculine sound with an "A" at the end!

Once a popular pick among Jewish families, Ira joins Noah and Abraham in transitioning between the ancient and the contemporary. Ira means "watchful one," and has a few notable namesakes. 

The middle name of inventor Thomas Edison, Alva is another Hebrew choice. It was used for both boys and girls in the nineteenth century, but its attachment to Edison places it more fully in the male category. 

Originally a pet form of Mikhail, Americans haven't met too many male Misha's. Still, this adorable name shares traits with Marshall and Mitchell, as well as honors familial Michael's. 

The name of a biblical prophet, Hosea has also been worn by strong civil rights' activists and leaders. The name means "salvation," a beautiful choice for religious families. 

Though it's a well-used boys' name in Ireland, Dara has been historically feminine in the U.S. However, its energetic sound, bright vibe, and cultural history could bring it back to the boys!

This Slavic variation of Elijah is a stylish alternative to the popular Hebrew pick; it reached American audiences recently via a character in The Man from UNCLE

Possibly related to fan favorite Jacob, Akiva is a more active and attractive pick. A member of The Lonely Island shares the name, but it's still uncommon in the states - only sixty-nine Akiva's were born in 2015. 

Despite the appeal of actor Cuba Gooding Jr., this national name hasn't ever been recorded more than nine times in any year. With international relations (hopefully) improving, Cuba could be a cool place-name choice.

Creative names are increasing in the US, with edgy names like Omega beginning to rise. This pick could get a boost from other trendy O names like Oliver, Owen, and Oscar, too.

Janet Jackson brought this Arabic name to American ears this past January; the name Eissa is a form of Jesus, meaning "the Lord is salvation." Let's watch to see how a celebrity namesake impacts this handsome pick.

What sounds like a combination of Kai and Noah is actually a Hawaiian name meaning "warrior." Koa is bound to jump up popularity lists with its concise tone and tropical origins.

With history in both ancient Rome and Iroquois culture, Seneca is a serene multicultural choice that works well for all kinds of families and personalities. It was also promoted recently in the Hunger Games series.

Another Slavic nickname, this time for classic Ivan. Vanya is the main character in a Chekhov play, as well. It sounds enough like Van to gain notice, with the -ya ending adding a bit of individuality.

Any great choices I missed? Tell me in the comments!

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