Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Names that Shine

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Looking for a name that stands out in a sea of conventionality? Check out these sparkling choices, all shining literally and figuratively. Only a couple of them have ever made the top 1000, with most flying under the radar. I've included the number of children born in the US with the name for 2015.

Crystal - 559 girls
This name made it all the way up to #9 in 1982, but has been declining since its heyday. Crystal is especially popular in Asian communities, and has dozens of namesakes from which to choose. If you're looking for something more unusual, check out the names below for the same shimmery vibe!

Diamond - 258 girls and 35 boys
Though it did well through the 1990's and 2000's, Diamond is now off the top 1000. It's especially stunning, but may be a bit over the top for modern tastes. Nickname Dia is a great option if you like the long form want want something simpler for daily use.

Star - 92 girls and 5 boys
Millennial parents prefer Stella, but Star has a lot of strength and ambition imbued in its four letters. Variation Starr is another Beatles-y option, given to 73 girls last year. For uncommon names that mean "star," check out Aster, Yvaine, or Roxanna.

- 57 girls
A hippie name straight out of the 70's, Sunshine is bright (but nearly blinding). One positive trait is that there are dozens of songs with the word in the title, so you'll never run out of lullabies. More recently, Sunshine was featured as a character on Glee.

Golden - 28 boys and 17 girls
It rhymes with Holden and fits in with Gideon and Grayson, so it's no surprise that Golden has been doing alright for boys. Names with a similar meaning include Aurelio and Zahavi. Gold was also given to five baby girls, switching the adjective for a glittering noun.

Silver - 40 girls and 9 boys
Crisp and cool, Silver is one stand-out option that could rise for both genders - it sounds like surname picks Sawyer and Skyler, it blends with color choices Scarlett and Jade, and plenty of pop culture references include prominent Silver's (Treasure Island, Pokemon, and the Lone Ranger).

Copper - 21 boys and 10 girls
It adorned a (male) puppy dog in Disney's The Fox and the Hound, but both boys and girls have been bequeathed this beautiful name. Copper would be a unique honorific for a family police officer, or an attractive alternative to Cooper or Carter.

Shine - 7 girls and 7 boys
When in doubt, go for the direct and concise - Shine is friendly, straightforward, and substantial. It's not too far off from Sean or Shane, either. It may raise some eyebrows, but it's definitely memorable.

Rainbow - 12 girls
A not-uncommon celebrity baby name, Rainbow is bold, feminine, and chromatic. It may work better as a middle name, if only to allow some room to grow with your child.

Light - 7 boys
Another unambiguous pick, Light is a marvelous choice for the little one who lights up your life. As word names get popular, Light is sure to increase in brilliance!

Prism - 5 girls
Illuminated and modern, Prism is assuredly hip. Connections can be made to Primrose and Priscilla, though neither choice equates Prism's level of style.

Sparkle - 5 girls
Positively gleaming and associated with at least one of the My Little Pony characters, Sparkle may be a bit intense. More accessible MLP names include Belle, Luna, and Celestia.

Starlight - 5 girls
The My Little Pony influence continues! Starlight (and variation Starlite) have been used in the United States occasionally since 1964. Stella (or Estrella) is preferable.

Tell me your favorites (and any shining names I didn't cover) in the comments!

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