Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day Names

Happy Leap Day, readers!

In honor of this extra day, I'll be looking at names associated with the traditions and quirks of February 29th. Let's have some fun!

Notable February 29th Birthdays

Emmeline Wells - American activist
Jimmy Dorsey - American musician and bandleader
Balthus - Polish-French artist
Khaled - Algerian musician
Ja Rule - American rapper

St. Oswald's Day 

Oswald: "divine power", nicknames Oz or Ozzy

Variations: Osvaldo, Ožbalt, Oswell, Ox

Names associated with Saint Oswald: Oda, Osulf, Frithegod, Osgar, Germanus, Oskytel, Æthelwine, Dunstan, Edgar, Benedict, Otto, Ethelred

Chinese Zodiac - 生肖

Leap years only occur in the years of the monkey, dragon and rat!

Names that mean "monkey": Hari, Harisha, Kapila, Hanuman, Harita

Names that mean "dragon": Draco, Drake, Long, Ryuu, Kaida, Tatsu

Names that mean "rat": Couldn't find any! Tell me your discoveries in the comments :)

Leap Day

Names associated with "jump": Pakuna, Springer, Alula, Horst, Sacheverell, Tallulah, Zophar

Enjoy your extra day!

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