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Names for a New Year

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The concept of celebrating a "new year" varies greatly around the globe - the Chinese New Year is based on lunar cycles, the Jewish New Year is observed in the autumn, and the Thai New Year is celebrated from April 13-15. Still, it's nice to set aside time to reflect on the past year and make plans for the year ahead, no matter where you are. For babies born in January, choosing a name that reflects this celebration is one way to start the new year - and a new life - off right.

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Baby "New" Year

Just hearing the word "new" calls to mind modernity and freshness - look at any advertisement with the word, and it's usually followed by an exclamation point! Including the word in a name is one immediate way to encapsulate this excitement; names include Newton, Newland, and Newman. Other names with the sound often include the Latin root novus, such as Nova, Novella, or Novak

If you're looking for less obvious choices, names that mean "new" or "fresh" are all over the map. Check out these names for ideas: Arata, Aviva, Naveen, Neo, Nouvel, Raanan, and Zelenka. Though they may take a bit more explaining in the United States, all are lovely choices worth the effort!

Father Time

Marking the passage of time is another way to bring the new year into naming. Choosing names like Winter, Day, Afternoon, Dawn, Evening, or January offers a clear connection to this theme; looking up names with those meanings is another, more subtle option. The Greek zodiac sign for December 22 - January 22 is Capricorn, which could add another element to the name search!

Another way to honor time is by looking at the past year. Are there family members, friends, or role models whose presence was particularly strong this year? Are there celebrities who passed away who made a special impact on your life or your family? Names of individuals in this category for 2016 could include Bowie, Prince, Fisher, Wilder, Cohen, and Harper


And onto the year ahead! Though 2016 was almost too much too handle at times, it has made a lot of people optimistic and determined to create a better 2017. Let's look at names specific to THIS new year: 
  • In the Chinese New Year, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster! Fowl names honoring this could include Gallus, Pavana, or Poe
  • The first total solar eclipse of this century will take place in 2017 - names like Sunny, Elio, Apollonia, Ravi, and Soleil relate to the sun. 
  • What are you looking forward to? Tell me in the comments!

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