Saturday, October 1, 2016

1001 - Names Beyond the Top 1000 (Boys)

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This is a follow-up to the previous post, 1001 - Names Beyond the Top 1000 (Girls).

I also recently came across another blogger doing a more in-depth study of names beyond the top 1000, but now I can't find their page! If you come across it, please let me know in the comments below; I love to promote fellow bloggers!**

**Thanks, Clare, for the link! It's The Well-Informed Namer - great lists!

Being that I mentioned my current name crushes (Anna and Beatrice) in the last post, here are my current favorite boys' names - Ezra (#92) and Milo (#288).

Let's begin!

Jericho - 198 born last year
While Jericho ranked briefly (in 2013 and 2014), it's now further down the list. But its positive qualities should help it rise, not fall! It's an excellent alternative to Jacob or Joshua, if you're looking for a Hebrew J-name, and the city is mentioned multiple times in the New Testament. Jericho is exuberant and cheery in sound - and could be an honorific for a familial Jerry.

Alistair - 194 born last year
The Scotch-English version of Alexander, Alistair has never ranked in the top 1000. But with feminine favorites Allison and Alyssa declining, perhaps this Ali-name finally has a shot for boys! Alistair is strong and substantial, elegant and eccentric. Quite a few English and Scottish namesakes exist throughout history, from businessmen to athletes.

Fox - 193 born last year
Other animal names are on the rise, but Fox shines the brightest. What makes this name so current? There's the recent reboot of The X-Files, with tenacious protagonist Fox Mulder; there's the comedic song that exploded in 2014, "What Does the Fox Say?"; there's an increase in visible Fox's, from the "news" network to celebrity surnames. Fox is energetic and friendly, but a little mischievous, too.

Merrick - 190 born last year
The name Merrick has been all over the news this year through Merrick Garland, President Obama's nomination to the Supreme Court (who the GOP is refusing to consider, because God forbid Senate Republicans do their jobs). Once the nomination came in, name sites were all abuzz with this "new", rarely-heard name. It has uncertain origins, but if you like the sound of Maverick and want something a bit less boisterous, Merrick is for you.

Cormac - 175 born last year
Another gem from the UK, Cormac is in the top 100 in Ireland but not quite as popular in the States. It's got some literary credibility via Cormac McCarthy (The Road, No Country for Old Men) and minor Harry Potter character, Cormac McLaggen. This name is adventurous and classic, a bold Irish choice that outshines similar-sounding Connor or Colton.

Finnian - 164 born last year
With short and sweet Finn in the spotlight, many parents are looking for long-form names to access the nickname. Finnian, from the Irish for "fair," is an attractive option: it's got a lilting melody, it's got an extensive history of use (even by saints), and it's unusual but still accessible to English speakers. Bonus points: a great Fred Astaire musical is entitled Finian's Rainbow, about an Irish immigrant to the American South.

Gus - 163 born last year
Though August has been rising quickly through the popularity charts, its nicknames haven't followed suit - only six Auggie's were born last year, and elegant Gus is still outside the top 1000. But with millennials beginning to procreate, Gus might have more of a shot - there's a mouse in Cinderella with the name; one of the kids from Recess is called Gus, and the male protagonist of The Fault in Our Stars is Augustus "Gus" Waters.

Zev -158 born last year
With so many positive qualities, Zev will be shooting up the ranks in no time! There's its short form, friendly and fun, and its high Scrabble value - both Z and V names are gaining fans. It comes from the Hebrew word for "wolf," which also corresponds to the rise in animal names. Though it's been used more often by Jewish communities, Zev is a name that will work for kids of all kinds.

Ansel - 157 born last year
A personal favorite, Ansel is a medieval German choice (derived from Anselm or Ancel) that's now most associated with Yosemite photographer Ansel Adams. The name is serene and timeless, one that will work from age 8 to 88. It's got an unusual sound compared to many popular options, but Ansel is a thoughtful, creative choice for art and nature types.

Stone - 154 born last year
So many names mean "stone" or "rock" - Peter, Dustin, and Alana, for instance. Why not remove the disconnect and go right to the source? Stone is tough and resolute, and it ranked briefly in the late 90's. Its strong vibe may be a bit overpowering, so it would also be great as a middle name choice. But Stone would be a lovely way to honor a familial Peter (or Rocky!)

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  1. Was it The Well-Informed Namer? She's posting lots of highlights below the top 1000:

    Great names today (as always)!

    1. That's it! Thanks, Clare, I'll update the post now :)