Friday, March 4, 2016

Name News 3/4/16

Girls’ Names from Medieval London (not the usual ones!) -
I love finding names that are old in use but unique to the modern ear! I think my favorite from this list is Isolda, the Spanish variation of Isolde.

Boys’ Names from Medieval London (not the usual ones!) -
And part two of the Medievalist's set! It's interesting to see that the -yn ending for names was popular in medieval times, too: Manekyn and Anketyn are on the list!

50 Non-Biblical Baby Names - Nancy Man, Nancy's Baby Names
What a cool project! I'm excited to see how the series continues. And I love that Edwin, my dad's name, is first on the list!

Leap Year Baby Names: 14 Unique Ideas For Your Little Leapling - Isabelle Khoo, HuffPost CA
Such cute names on this list! I love Delta and Sadie, the southern feel is adorable.

That's MY child's name! For some parents, baby-name theft is no joke - Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, Today Parents
What do you think, readers? I tend towards the opinion that no one person "owns" a name, but it can be disappointing when a friend chooses a favorite!

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