Monday, August 10, 2015

Hello there!

So I've been inspired by Appellation Mountain and Nameberry to create my own name blog, where I'll post cool name ideas, name origin stories and the like. Hopefully this will be cool and not at all weird or narcissistic. Hopefully.

To start: my name is Emily Grace. I was born in 1992, when Emily was at number 7 and Grace was at number 127. My parent's hadn't known that Emily was so popular, and to be honest it was the only name they could agree on. My dad tended towards Barbara or Lisa, and my mom tended towards Celeste or Quinn. My middle name comes from a play both my parents acted in prior to my birth, "Amazing Grace," as well as the fact that my mom's name means "grace" (I'll talk more about family names in a later post).

I really like my name, despite its popularity - it hit #1 in 1996 but is now back at #7 - and despite its meaning - "rival", which to me is a little negative. It would explain my competitiveness, though.

I really do believe that a person's name can tell you a lot about them - from when and where they were born, to the types of parents they had, to the experiences with it they had growing up. Those who pick their own names often have a story of why, too. Ultimately, when I eventually name my own children, I hope to have a knowledge of names that will help me pick something fitting. (And if they want to choose a new name later, maybe they'll let me help).

Do you know your name story? Do you like your name or wish it could be something else? What's your current favorite name? Tell me in the comments!

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